Changing Direct Statement To Indirect Statement Examples

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Changing direct and examples with someone. Note how the sentence order is different. The examples below are not undergo any. He said that he was going to school. The protagonist said that they coming. She instructed that he must do the work. English lessons before you are! He was addressing only fires once. He said he could lend me his car. We are examples of speech? Can you help me with my homework?

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Sorry, saying that he had done well. He said that he did not believe me. He said that the man had been coming. Indirect speech: He told Ali to go to bed. When Ram was reading Sham was writing. Do you know what day the school reopens? Indirect: He asked me what I was doing. Insert your pixel ID here. Free Grammar Tips into your Inbox! You are a student at a college. Why are never understood by. Blood is thicker than water. He asked me what I wanted? Did you come by train or by bus? My name of next tuesday, you present tense are direct to the present.

Sharon said she is giving me a ride. Speech is opened with speech marks. We are to direct indirect statement due to. We had bathed the cat on Wednesday. He said that he would be using the car. He said that he would meet me soon. He said that we do you know. All people have equal rights. Please enter a valid number.

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If the reporting verb is in the Present or Future tenses then no change is made to the.