A Bit of BSCTA History

 Did You Know?
  • The Bay Shore Classroom Teachers' Association (BSCTA) was chartered in 1969.  Prior to that time there had existed for many years the Bay Shore Teachers' Association (BSTA), an organization comprised of the entire professional staff in the district.
  • In the Spring of 1966, Bay Shore foreign language teacher, John Lane, was shot and killed by a student in the hallway of the Bay Shore High School.
  • In 1969, the starting teacher salary for B, step 1 was $7300 and the maximum salary at M60, Step 16 was $15,695.
  • May 6, 1992, the Bay Shore teachers were on strike.  The strike only lasted one day.
  • BSCTA has awarded over one hundred thousand dollars in scholarships to graduating Bay Shore seniors since the year 2000

Click here for the BSCTA Constitution.