Charter school plan shelved for Bay Shore, Brentwood and Central Islip

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
After opposition to a new charter school for Bay Shore, Brentwood and Central Islip erupted, organizers shelved their proposal, though they said Tuesday it would be refiled in December.
"One of our primary goals is to offer educational opportunities to communities and families and recent events have only served to further commit us to remain steady in our resolve," the Long Island Children's Academy Charter School said in a statement Tuesday.
Both the SUNY Charter Schools Institute and the state Board of Regents authorize charters, which are privately run but funded by school districts. If SUNY had approved the academy next month, it would have joined Suffolk County's two charter schools and Nassau's three.
But the academy withdrew its application on Monday, days after more than 200 people packed a Bay Shore Board of Education meeting. The opposition seemed uniform, according to Andrew R. Arcuri, board president.
"Not a single person spoke in favor of it; there were quite passionate opposing stands taken by many community leaders," he said.
Many residents also expressed opposition on a petition posted on the academy's website.


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