From the classroom to war zone

Date Posted: 
Monday, February 22, 2016

Nick Scott is a friend and fellow teacher (Brentwood) serving in Afghanistan for the past year. We also have his two wonderful sons in our schools. For the holidays, we collected donations for Nick and the other troops as a small token of our sincere appreciation for their service and personal sacrifices they make to keep us all safe. Today I received this gorgeous U.S. Flag Certificate in the mail from Nick. It brought tears to my eyes as I read the inscription.

"This Flag was flown over the sovereign nation of Afghanistan on 16 January 2016
At Task Force ODIN Headquarters, Bagram, Afghanistan
In support of NATO Resolute Support Mission"

U.S. Flag Certificate is presented to:
The Bay Shore Classroom Teachers Association

Thank you, Nick Scott and all the troops serving our country. God bless and stay safe!

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