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  • No Con Con Long Island Teachers Ad

    11.03.2017/General News
    Listen here to hear the Long Island Teachers radio advertisement reminding you to Vote NO to a Constitutional Convention on Tuesday, November 7th. 
  • Vote NO to a Constitutional Convention

    On Tuesday, November 7, voters from across New York State will head to the polls to decide whether New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. The BSCTA, along with many other unions throughout the state, is asking all of our members to go to the polls and Vote No. Below, I have included a...
  • Flip Over the Ballot and Vote No

    11.02.2017/General News
    */ When you go to vote, you will need to flip your ballot over to vote on Proposition 1. Once you flip your ballot, fill in the "No" box. Click here to download the sample ballot that is shown above. 
  • Vote NO on Prop One Talking Points

    11.02.2017/General News
    */ Here are some talking points on why you should Vote NO to Prop One, the Constitutional Convention. Click here and here to download the flyers 
  • Vote No on Con Con

    In just two weeks, voters will be heading to the polls to decide whether or not New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. As many of you already know , this convention could be extremely dangerous for teachers. Not only are our pensions at stake, but so are many constitutional guarantees,...
  • Flip Your Ballot Over and Vote No

    10.24.2017/Political Action
    When you go to vote, you will need to flip your ballot over to vote on Proposition 1. Once you flip your ballot, fill in the No box. Click here to download the sample ballot.
  • Suffolk's Edge Teacher Center Classes

    10.06.2017/General News
    Cooperative Learning Mentoring Poverty Workshop The Smart Decision: Incorporating Smartphones in the Classroom CITE  
  • 2nd Vice President Election Results

    09.26.2017/General News
    The election for the BSCTA 2nd Vice President seat was held today. The results are as follows:  Christina Mendolia  142 votes  Chip Giuliano           120 votes  Jean Delucca            78 votes.   Congratulations to Christina and thank you to Chip and Jean for running. We would also like to thank...
  • 2nd Vice President Election Bio's

    09.18.2017/General News
    Below are the pictures and bio's for the three candidates who have filed to run for BSCTA 2nd Vice President. The election will be held on September 25. CANDIDATE: JEAN DELUCCA Hello, everyone. My name is Jean Delucca and I am a former Bay Shore alumna! I have been teaching for the last 25 years,...
  • Suffolk Edge Teachers Center Fall Classes

    09.13.2017/General News
    Below are some graduate programs that are being provided by the Suffolk's Edge  Teacher Center. Dual Certification in Special Ed Certification in Bilingual Education
  • Our Welcome Back BSCTA Video

    09.07.2017/General News
    Below is the video that BSCTA showed at our first meeting welcoming everyone back to a new school year. Have a great 2017-18 school year BSCTA! Video of 3j7k1eXaaD0  
  • Teacher Appreciation Night with the LI Ducks

    On Friday, September 8th Long Island Teachers will be sponsoring Back to School Night/Teacher Appreciation Night with the Long Island Ducks. The event will include on field activities, a Long Island Teachers Notebook giveaway and discounted tickets. Below I have included information on how to sign...
  • BSCTA Board Openings

    I hope you are doing well!  As many of you already know, Michelle Stowers has moved into an administrative role in Bay Shore.  Therefore, her 2nd VP and delegate positions must be filled ASAP.  I have attached two letters that explain the positions' requirements and the timeline for September. ...
  • 2017-18 Pay Schedule

    I hope that everyone is having a great Summer so far. While we are still a few weeks away from the beginning of school the District has released the 2017-18 pay day calendar. You can click here to download and save.  Please let me know if you have any questions.    On the first day of school, we...
  • Victory at Clare Rose

    07.14.2017/General News
    Union delivery drivers and warehouse workers for beer distributor Clare Rose will return to work Sunday after approving a new contract overwhelmingly, union and company officials said. Teamsters Local 812 workers voted 83-12 Saturday to ratify the contract. The union members, who went on strike...
  • Happy Fourth of July

    For those who didn't know, Teamsters Local 812 has been on strike against Claire Rose since April. This Friday, they will be holding a rally on William Floyd Parkway. It is important that we attend to show our support and solidarity with the Teamsters.  With that being said, the Fourth of July...