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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Everybody has a favorite teacher — maybe it's a teacher who went out of their way to make one student's day or a teacher who brightens up a classroom every day.

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One teacher who deserves a shout-out is Mrs. Katie Homestead, a fourth-grade teacher at South Country School in Bay Shore. She was nominated as this week's Teacher of the Week by Ryan Meliere.

Here's what Meliere had to say about Mrs. Homestead:

Mrs. Homestead has really been great all year and goes above and beyond to challenge the students and help them reach/exceed their potential. She is also a great communicator and keeps parents informed. All that being said, she left an imprint in my daughter's heart that won't soon fade away. November 21 was my daughter's 9th birthday, but she was home sick for the week with the flu. Mrs. Homestead showed up at our front door Thursday night to deliver get well and birthday cards written by the other students in the class. We laughed (and cried) as Lily read each card aloud! This simple, 5-minute gesture, put a smile on my daughter's face that had been missing all week! As a 5th grade teacher myself, I have an eternal belief that we have the opportunity each day to make a difference in a child's life with a simple gesture of kindness, words of praise, or even just a friendly smile when things are tough. Mrs. Homestead seized the opportunity, as she does every day, and we won't soon forget it.

Congratulations to Mrs. Homestead!

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