PD Tutorials and GCN Options

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Friday, December 22, 2017
If you are interested in completing some online PD at no extra cost to you or the District, there are some valuable optional GCN tutorials outside of the 7 required modules.  They are located on the same homepage when you log in to the GCN Training Site labeled "optional tutorials".  Before completing the modules, you will need a signature from your principal (Elementary) or director (Secondary) on the "Out of District" request sheet (see below) followed by PD committee approval.  When the course requests have been accepted, you may complete the modules outside of the school day.
**Please note that your time increments must be submitted on an hourly basis, so three 20 minute modules or two 30 minute modules would be equal to one PD hour.  Upon completion of the modules, you will need to print out the completion certificates and send them over to Donna Rock at OIS, just as you would for a conference or collegial circle. After completing these modules, you will need director/principal approval to take them once again within the next four years.  
Please use these links to help guide you further:
Please let the union know if you have any other questions.  
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