General News Updates

  • Upcoming Suffolks Edge Classes

    11.12.2018/General News
    Here are some upcoming classes from Suffolk's Edge: Formative Assessment Brooklyn College Building an Effective Assessment Plan Day 1 and Day 2 Educational Computing Creating the Markerspace Classroom The Impact of Culture on...
  • Blades for Grades

    10.24.2018/General News
    The Blades for Grades Program rewards students for working hard in school and earning good grades. Students applying for the program must show that they have received an "A" or moved up a letter grade in a subject, in order to...
  • Regents Fix Regulations on Opt-Out

    09.19.2018/General News
    Thanks to the hard work of NYSUT and educators from around the State who voiced concerns, the Board of Regents announced today its proposal to reverse harmful draft ESSA regulations that would have punished schools with high opt...
  • New Member Orientation

    09.14.2018/General News
    On September 12th, the BSCTA welcomed its new members. The event was an opportunity to show them our union office and Governing Board. For our new members, please feel free to reach out to a building representative or someone in...
  • Suffolk's Edge

    09.12.2018/General News
    Suffolk's Edge has two new offerings thatwill be taking place over the next few weeks and months: Special Education Certification Educational Leadership Program  
  • NYSUT Member Benefit

    08.22.2018/General News
    As you know, NYSUT has been concentrating its energies recently on connecting with its members and trying to increase awareness about the value of union membership. NYSUT Member Benefits has been doing its part by conducting...
  • AFT Member Benefit: Save on Flights

    08.03.2018/General News
    Did you know that 80% of travel bookings start with flights? At AFT Advantage, our goal is to help members book their personal travel as easily and efficiently as possible. That is why we have launched a newly upgraded flights...
  • NYSUT Member Benefit: Member Shopping Program

    07.13.2018/General News
    The new school year will be here before you know it. Purchasing Power can help you get straight A’s with the latest tech from top brands. The Purchasing Power Member Shopping Program, endorsed by the NYSUT Member Benefits...
  • Anti-Union Group Contacting Teachers

    07.12.2018/General News
    Only days after the Supreme Court issued their flawed ruling in the Janus v AFSCME case, billionaire-backed groups are already contacting public sector union members and telling them to opt out of their union. Members of...
  • New AFT Benefit: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

    07.05.2018/General News
    With identity theft being the fastest-growing crime in America, it's no longer a matter of "if" your information will be compromised, just a matter of "when." Protecting your identity is something your union takes very...
  • PD Courses

    06.20.2018/General News
    Here is a full list of PD courses for BSCTA members to take this summer: HS Classes All Classes
  • Online PD Courses

    06.06.2018/General News
    BSCTA has a number of online Professional Developement Courses that are available to you. Below are links to the classes.   (Free) https://www....