Political Action Updates

  • BSCTA Elections

    04.08.2019/Political Action
    Nominations for BSCTA offices are closed and we will have one contested election for 2nd VP. Below are the bios from each of the candidates.    Voting will take place in each building on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 and the winners...
  • Anti-Union Group May Knock on Your Door

    12.18.2018/Political Action
    NYSUT is warning teachers that anti-union canvassers from a group New Choice NY may knock on your door in the coming weeks to urge you to leave BSCTA. Over the summer, some anti-union groups tried this as well, but were largely...
  • Upcoming Labor Walks

    09.27.2018/Political Action
    What's a labor walk? Labor walk's are a combination of knocking on doors to try and talk to people if they're home and/or just leaving campaign literature at about half the doors where no one is home. We've been using the term...
  • NYSUT Backed Candidates Win

    09.14.2018/Political Action
    Led by Democratic attorney general hopeful Tish James, most of our union-backed candidates won convincingly in Thursday's state primary elections. "This will change the shape of politics in Albany," said NYSUT President Andy...
  • NYSUT Endorsements

    08.27.2018/Political Action
      With the New York State primaries coming up in September and the mid-term elections coming up in November, NYSUT has released their list of endorsements. Below is their statement on why they chose these candidates along with...
  • Replace APPR with Local Control of Teacher Evaluations!

    04.30.2018/Political Action
    Take action now. Click here to fax your State Senator a letter asking them to replace APPR with local control.
  • Week 8: Who is the Enemy and What are their Tactics?

    04.27.2018/Political Action
    The Freedom Foundation is the main enemy that anti-union forces will use to spread their message. Their efforts center on public policy research and advocacy in the areas of state budget and tax policies, labor, welfare, health...
  • Week 7: What has the Union Done for Me?

    04.12.2018/Political Action
    That's the question anti-union billionaires like the Koch brothers will be urging you to ask yourself if the Supreme Court rules against unions in the Janus case and declares Fair Share representation fees to be unconstitutional...
  • Alacantra Bill trumps Janus

    04.11.2018/Political Action
      While New York may not be able to stop the Janus case, they are taking steps to lessen the impact on local unions. As part of the recent New York State budget, the state passed a number of reforms that will help to stabilize...
  • Week 6: Janus v. AFSCME Fact Sheet

    04.05.2018/Political Action
    Essential Questions to Ask:Without a certain level of membership, how will you enforce your contract? Will the District take any grievance seriously or even bother to come to the table with you? Without the dues, how do you...
  • Week 5: Talking Points for Talking Union

    03.29.2018/Political Action
    This week, our Political Action Committee has provided some talking points that you can use when you are talking to your co-workers, friends, and family about the importance of sticking with our union. In these talking points,...
  • The Union Pay Advantage

    03.23.2018/Political Action
    Average Teacher Salaries in Right-to-Work States vs. Fair Share States* RTW States Average Teacher Fair Share States* Average Teacher   Salary(2015)   Salary (2015) Alabama $47,949 Alaska $65,468...