English and Math Standards

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016
On September 21, 2016, the State Education Department released a first draft of the NYS English and Mathematics Learning Standards. 

Commissioner Elia and the SED are claiming the work done over the past year has resulted in "substantive" changes to what was known as the Common Core Learning Standards.  They are now asking for the public to review and comment on the ELA draft standards and the Mathematics draft standards.  The surveys for public comment can be found at those pages.  The window for public comment closes on November 14th

In June of 2016, the ST Caucus urged Commissioner Elia, Chancellor Rosa, and the members of the Board of Regents to ensure that  "the rollout and assessment of these new standards be effective, and this will only happen if people understand the standards in a clear and concise manner. We recommended the SED add assessment boundaries to the proposed Math and ELA Standards, as was done with the Next Generation Science Standards. These boundaries make vague aspirational standards, which can be assessed at any grade level, more meaningful by establishing the limit a student would need to demonstrate to be proficient.   These assessment boundaries should not be considered as testing mandates, but rather as goalposts that can be used to design rich curriculum around. We strongly urge the Regents to adopt a system of attaching assessment boundaries to each standard so that stakeholders have the best opportunity of understanding the standards in a grade­ appropriate manner."
We are now calling on New York's public school teachers, educators, and parents to respond to the draft standards. For any standard that is written in a vague manner that does not clearly articulate what a student would need to do to become proficient, we recommend your comment address the need for these assessment boundaries.  We are also asking you consider some issues that have been raised by our friends at NYSAPE .

NYSAPE's Response to Revisions -click here


The public comment period also allows for comments to be made by "groups."  According to the NYSED website, this can be done by a team of teachers in a grade level (ie. Kindergarten), grade level band (ie. Grades 3-5), a specific high school course or a combination of courses.  We want to encourage teachers to take the time to fill out the survey information as "groups."  We can presume that groups who do not have the best interest of our students in mind will be submitting this survey in mass.  For directions of how to fill out the survey as a group -click here.
Do not miss this opportunity to offer input into the future of New York State's Learning Standards. - Mike Lillis, Chairperson, ST Caucus
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