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Tuesday, May 19, 2020
We hope this email finds everyone safe, well and healthy. Last week, we informed you about the NYSUT Member Action Center, and encouraged you to sign up if you were not already. It is a great way to stay informed, educated and connected with NYSUT's political action, while advocating for your children, students and our profession. You can receive text alerts for issues of immediate concern. Please opt-in to this so we can all stay better informed. Please rest assured that NYSUT and BSCTA PAC are working diligently with our
elected officials, both state and federal, to make sure that your children, our students and teachers are taken care of and public education is a priority.

On the Federal level, our NYSUT Suffolk PAC Coordinator met with Congressman Peter King, and the conversation went reasonably well; with Congressman Lee Zeldin it was positive, too. NYSUT Nassau PAC representatives also reached out and connected with Congresswoman Kathleen Rice and Congressman Thomas Suozzi.

We are asking our elected officials for the following:

- A true MOE [maintenance of effort] with no state waiver in regards to education funding, federal money needs to go to districts without state adjustments.

- At least $175 billion for Education Stabilization Funds for public pre-K through public post-secondary education to address declining state revenues.

- Reject Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' "microgrants" and other vouchers - they only serve to seize public school funding and undermine accountability.

- At least $56 million for PPE [personal protective equipment] for teachers, SRPs [school related professionals] and other school staff.

On the State level, BSCTA PAC and several other PAC teachers' associations joined Suffolk PAC ZOOM meetings on Monday (5/4), Tuesday (5/5) and Wednesday (5/6) with Phil Boyle, Monica Martinez and Phil Ramos accordingly. Both State Senators and Assemblyman Ramos agreed that public education needs more financial assistance.

We asked for their support in the three following bills:

- Billionaire's Wealth Tax: A wealth tax on billionaires would create a yearly
assessment on the speculative wealth of billionaires which includes unrealized capital gains. (This bill is still being drafted and true details aren't quite ready yet.)

- Ultramillionaire's Tax: The ultra millionaire's tax, as proposed in the 2019
Assembly Budget Proposal, would create a higher income tax bracket for incomes above $5 million, $10 million and the top bracket of 10.32 percent for those with an income of over $100 million per year.

- Pied-à-Terre Tax: The pied-à-terre tax would add roughly $650 million per year to state coffers. It would be an assessment on 2nd luxury, non-primary residences in New York City with an assessed value of over $5 million.
I should mention all three agreed that they would co-sponsor the  Ultramillionaire's Tax. As for the other two bills officials want to see the exact details and verbiage but were supportive of them as presented. Martinez agreed to sign on. Boyle agreed to Pied-a-Terre as well. Ramos is confident he will be able to strongly support all three bills.

School Budget Vote, June 9th
Primary Election Vote, June 23rd
Early Voting starts on June 13th
Presidential Elections Vote, November 3rd

(Hmm... Lots of 3s)

A fact sheet about the school budget has been created, please

click here to download it.
Again, please sign up for NYSUT's MAC text alert and our BSCTA text alerts to stay informed, educated and connected with political action while advocating for your children, students and our profession in the state of New York.- Mariusz, BSCTA PAC Chair

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