Benfits of Being a BSCTA Member

Date Posted: 
Thursday, July 26, 2018
I hope that this email finds all of you enjoying your summer. Whether you are taking a vacation with the family, working at summer school or camps, or just getting work done around the house, I hope that you are all getting some rest and relaxation before the next school year.
Over the last few weeks, you may have gotten an email, had someone call, or received a knock on your door, telling you to opt out of your union. As you will see below, some anti-union groups are already contacting our members. Below, we have given some background on these groups and what to do if they contact you.
I am also happy to announce that NYSUT and AFT have announced two new member benefits. One is Purchasing Power, a discount program for teachers buying tech for their classroom, and the AFT has launched a new identity theft prevention program for members.

Finally, we have a number of professional development programs going on over the summer that can be found here. You can also go to the Helpful Links section of our website where we will continually update new professional development resources.