Giving Back to the Community

Date Posted: 
Friday, January 24, 2020
Thank you to all of our teachers for being leaders in the community. After we put out the call to raise money to support the Laurie Addeo Scholarship, you came out and donated an astounding amount in the first week.  
Now our teachers are putting on a Coaches vs Cancer basketball game to honor William Schultz. More information on that can be found below. Let's make sure that this is just as big of a success.  
Monday is our Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game in honor of William Schultz.  This year we have over 100 raffle baskets valued between $50-$500!  I realize many of you cannot make it to the school to get in on the winnings, so we decided to make the purchasing of the raffles available starting today. 

I have attached a PDF with the list of all the goodies.  You can either send me a check (payable to Bay Shore High School & write CVC in the memo section), or Venmo myself or my assistant coach: 
@Janine-Mazzie-Kelly or @caitzowak

If you choose to use Venmo, please write CVC with your payment.  You can select the raffle number(s) either by emailing me or writing the raffle numbers in your Venmo payment.

Remember, all money is going to be donated to William's Warriors... last year we made $3400.... my goal is $5K!  As always, winners need not be present to win - but we would love to see your faces in our stands (games at 4 & 5:45).  Oh! We have a computerized raffle system, so no need to write your name on your tickets! That means you can buy even more without the hand-cramp :) Thank you for your support! -Janine Mazzie (HS)
Just want to say thank you for all your donations!  We were able to raise $1,200 in the first week. T-shirts are being distributed between today and tomorrow.  Many have asked about a specific day we are going to wear them.  Mike Krieger and I will be in touch about a day! 
As far as the Laurie Addeo Scholarship,  Mike and Danny Addeo, Laurie's husband, are working on how the scholarship will be distributed, but it will be given out during the Senior Awards in June. 
If you would still like to order a t-shirt, see the attached order form for information.  There is no real end date (this is going until Danny runs out of shirts).  
Thank you as always for your continued support! -Amy Nardone (MS)