Happy Labor Day

Date Posted: 
Monday, September 2, 2019
On Monday, we celebrate Labor Day, the one holiday of the year that celebrates the worker. No matter your ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation, if you work, this is your holiday.   
Labor Day is also a good time to reflect on the long history of workers standing up for themselves. While we often take for granted the benefits of being a union teacher in New York, these benefits were not gained by a superintendent who wanted to give the staff a raise or healthcare. Instead they were fought for by teacher's union's like the BSCTA. We still see this fight in many states like West Virginia, where teachers have put their jobs on the line to go on strike for more equitable funding for their schools.  
As we prepare for school next week, I would urge everyone to take a minute and talk to their children about this history.  You can click here to read a quick history of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  
I hope that everyone has a happy, safe, and enjoyable Labor Day and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday for the Superintendent Conference Day. 
We will be holding our General Membership meeting immediately following the superintendent's agenda. Please wear a BSCTA shirt on that day.