Have a Great Summer!

Date Posted: 
Friday, June 23, 2017

The end of the school year is here and I am sure that we are celebrating getting a little rest and relaxation over the next few weeks.  I would first like to take this opportunity to speak to the members who are retiring.  Thank you for the years of dedication that you have put into educating our students and the effort that you have put into making our union stronger.  I hope that you all have an excellent retirement and hope to see you soon.  For those who will be coming back next year, I would like to remind you of the traditional BSCTA membership meeting on the first day of school in September.  More details will follow in future emails over the summer.  I hope that you all enjoy your summer, whether you are working at summer school or camp, taking classes to become better teachers or taking a vacation, please have a great and relaxing summer. I look forward to seeing everyone at the first day of school general membership meeting in September.