The Janus Decision Will Not Weaken Us

Date Posted: 
Thursday, June 28, 2018

Today, the Supreme Court issued their ruling in the long anticipated Janus v AFSCME case. By a 5-4 decision, they ruled that public sector unions, like ours, cannot collect fair share dues from people who are covered by our collective bargaining agreement, which would force us to represent teachers for free. Janus has made "Right to Work" the law of the land in the United States. And as you know, "Right to Work" does not work.  While many talking heads will proclaim that this is the end of organized labor, we know that the strength of the BSCTA has never been reliant on a court decision or a politician. We are strong because we are united as Bay Shore teachers to fight for better working conditions, better pay, better benefits and the best resources to educate our children. If we stand united, we will continue to be strong.