Vote NO to a Constitutional Convention

Date Posted: 
Thursday, November 2, 2017

On Tuesday, November 7, voters from across New York State will head to the polls to decide whether New York should hold a Constitutional Convention. The BSCTA, along with many other unions throughout the state, is asking all of our members to go to the polls and Vote No. Below, I have included a short informational video about why you should Vote No. A convention would allow the entire constitution to be changed, and our right to form a union, our pensions and the right to a public education may be at risk. 

Unlike many things in our current political climate, opposition to a convention cuts across political lines. Over 100 groups from opposing sides have teamed up to oppose this convention. It is extremely important that all BSCTA members vote this Tuesday against a convention. We can not do this alone, so I encourage you to bring your family and friends to Vote No as well. In addition to the video, I have included some instructions on voting as well as some talking points that you can use when talking to your friends and family who might not be in a union.