Vote Your Union Values

Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 25, 2018

We are less than two weeks away from the mid-term election and there are many important races happening on Long Island. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or a member of a third party, we are all educators. As educators, we need to make sure that the elected officials in Albany and D.C. represent our values and will stand up for us. NYSUT has not endorsed a number of State Senators who voted for more charter schools and against reforms to the state's broken testing and evaluation system in the waning hours of the legislative session. Many of them are on Long Island. I would urge all members to look at NYSUT's endorsement guide before voting and make sure that you are supporting a candidate who supports public education and teachers. You can access their list of endorsements here. The BSCTA will also be joining with NYSUT and our brothers and sisters in labor for lit drops, phone banks and labor walks. Please reach out Mariusz or Chip for more details and political action updates.