BSCTA News Archive

  • What You Can Do About School Safety

    02.26.2018/General News
    We want to take a moment to update you on actions being planned across the country to address safety concerns in our schools.  Below is a list of planned events around the country for the coming weeks:  March 14th - The Women's March has announced a National School Walkout.  The idea behind this...
  • Suffolk Edge Teachers Center Classes

    02.15.2018/General News
    Below are some classes being offered by Suffolk Edge Teachers Center: Google Geo Tools Brain-Compatible Learning Effective Testing Strategies Guskey Workshop Incorporate Smartphones Into the Classroom YouthDigital      
  • Preparing Our Union for Janus

    This weekend, teacher union presidents from across Long Island met to discuss a number of issues that face our unions, including the upcoming court case , Janus vs . AFSCME. This case would allow some of our co-workers to free ride within the union, getting the benefits of our collectively...
  • Bay Shore Wins $250 Scholarship

    At the recent Long Island President's Council meeting, Bay Shore's very own Mike Krieger along with Freeport Teachers Association President Stu Napear, who is also a Bay Shore resident, won from Brown and Brown a $250 scholarship award. This scholarship will be distributed later this year to a...
  • Creating a 21st Century Classroom

    01.30.2018/General News
    Creating the 21st Century Classroom: Embedding Computer Science into the Curriculum: Click here to register for the class.
  • The Cost of Janus

    01.30.2018/General News
    In just a few weeks, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Janus v. AFSCME case challenging fair share fees. With the case expected to be decided by June, The Empire Center has decided to take a look at the economic impact of Janus on public sector unions in the strongest union state,...
  • Nothing Has Changed

    01.23.2018/Political Action
    It is once again time to think about opt out. Below is the letter, in English and Spanish, along with some information about opt out.
  • Events Happening at the BSCTA Office

    I just wanted to remind everyone of the important dates we have coming up. Tonight, there is a Using Technology in the Classroom workshop being held at the BSCTA office. This Friday, January 19th, the law offices of Feldman, Kramer, and Monaco are coming to the BSCTA office to give free legal...
  • SETC: Thomas Guskey Workshop

    01.09.2018/General News
    The Suffolk’s Edge Teacher Center in collaboration with Western Suffolk BOCES is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a workshop with educational expert and researcher Thomas Guskey.  Dr. Guskey is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Kentucky and known throughout the...
  • PD Tutorials and GCN Options

    12.22.2017/General News
    If you are interested in completing some online PD at no extra cost to you or the District, there are some valuable optional GCN tutorials outside of the 7 required modules.  They are located on the same homepage when you log in to the GCN Training Site labeled "optional tutorials".  Before...
  • What if Janus Didn't Matter?

    12.19.2017/General News
    A teacher leader calls on public sector unions to renew their passion to fight for their rights in the face of Janus   If you read UCOMM Blog or follow the news, you know that in recent years attacks against public education and organized labor have come at a fast and furious pace.   On Election...
  • Happy Holidays BSCTA

       Seasons Greetings Colleagues,   As we prepare to enter the final week of 2017, I would like to take some time to reflect on what we have accomplished over the past 12 months and what we should embrace as we enter 2018. First and foremost, our new collective bargaining agreement provides numerous...
  • BSCTA Member Workshops

    12.13.2017/General News
    Required workshops for all new members:  The following workshops will be held at the Union Office at 4 pm.    October 11th - Portfolio Planning with Dr. Maloney November 15th - Financial Planning December 20th - Know your contract  January 17th - Using Technology  February 14th - ENL in the...
  • Get Your BSCTA Gear

    12.07.2017/General News
    BSCTA is running a sale of BSCTA merchandise from now through January 6th. Click here to see the merchandise.
  • Suffolk’s Edge Teacher Center Workshop Offerings

    11.28.2017/General News
    Below are flyers for workshops being offered at Suffolk's Edge Teaching Center. Please click the link to download the flyer.  Coding Workshop Enhance Your Teaching  Educational Technology Badges  Google GEO Tools Google Workshop JAN LINC Workshop  NYSUT EEL Strategies for Success Open House Ed...
  • Happy Thanksgiving BSCTA

    We are now entering the season of thanks. On Thursday, families will come together to give thanks for the many gifts and bounties they have received over the past year. This year, we are giving thanks for you, the membership. I can truly say that I am lucky to represent such a wonderful group of...