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  • The Union Pay Advantage

    03.23.2018/Political Action
    Average Teacher Salaries in Right-to-Work States vs. Fair Share States* RTW States Average Teacher Fair Share States* Average Teacher   Salary(2015)   Salary (2015) Alabama $47,949 Alaska $65,468 Arizona $49,885 California $69,324 Arkansas $46,631...
  • Bay Shore Educator Wins SCOPE Award

    03.19.2018/General News
    On March 19th, Bay Shore teacher Walter Fishon was awarded the SCOPE award at Villa Lombardi's. Below is a bio that was included in the award ceremony. Walter Fishon, an 18-year veteran at Bay Shore High School, is best known as an English and Journalism teachers with an enthusiasm for learning and...
  • Week 3: Fair Share Fees

    03.15.2018/Political Action
    This week, our Political Action Committee takes a look at the crux of the Janus case, fair share fees, and why they are so important to a local union like the BSCTA.  As they note below, if the court rules in Janus' favor, the members of the BSCTA will need to make the decision to opt in to our...
  • Touro College Needs Adjunct Professors

    03.14.2018/General News
    Touro College in Bay Shore (across the street from our union office) is looking for adjunct professors to teach classes in Early Childhood Education/Special Education; Childhood Education/Special Education; and 7-12 Special Education Generalist Programs.  Please click here for more information.
  • Week 2: Explaining Janus

    This week, our Political Action Committee takes a look at the timeline of events that led up to the Supreme Court hearing the Janus case. Thanks to their hard work, we will be providing updates and background info about Janus and the effect it will have on our union over the coming weeks. Please...
  • Janus Timeline

    03.08.2018/Political Action
      What is the basic issue before the Supreme Court in Janus?  Should Abood v. Detroit Board of Education be overruled and public-sector "agency shop" arrangements be invalidated under the First Amendment? Janus asked the Supreme Court to overrule the Abood decision and hold that requiring an...
  • Opt Out Info

    03.07.2018/General News
    I have attached some important information that we received from NYSUT regarding the upcoming state assessments and our rights as educators.  Please take a few moments to download and read through them, as it is extremely important to know what you can and cannot do over the next couple of months...
  • BSCTA Helps Honor Harry Brown, Grand Marshall of the 2018 St. Patrick's Day Parade

    On Saturday night, BSCTA attended a dinner at Captain Bill's to honor Harry Brown, this year's Grand Marshall of the St. Patrick's Day parade.  The BSCTA sent Bill and Gale Falconer, husband and wife, Bay Shore educators, and Board of Directors members, to represent our union as Harry was honored. ...
  • BSCTA Bowling Social

    03.02.2018/General News
    What does a union do on a Friday during a Nor'easter after another week of hard work? It goes bowling and has a great time! Almost 70 members showed up for what became an awesome day/night of bowling, socializing, and unity.  Looking forward to more events like this. Click here for more photos...
  • Janus is Upon Us

    The Janus Case is upon us. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Janus v. AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), one of the most important labor cases in recent history. Over the next several weeks, we are going to introduce, educate, and/or...
  • Meet Mark Janus

    02.28.2018/Political Action
    Background: Janus v. AFSCME Council 31: Janus v. AFSCME began as a political scheme by Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who shortly after taking office issued an executive order and filed a lawsuit trying to ban fair-share fees. This case did not have standing because it had not stated a claim upon...
  • What You Can Do About School Safety

    02.26.2018/General News
    We want to take a moment to update you on actions being planned across the country to address safety concerns in our schools.  Below is a list of planned events around the country for the coming weeks:  March 14th - The Women's March has announced a National School Walkout.  The idea behind this...
  • Suffolk Edge Teachers Center Classes

    02.15.2018/General News
    Below are some classes being offered by Suffolk Edge Teachers Center: Google Geo Tools Brain-Compatible Learning Effective Testing Strategies Guskey Workshop Incorporate Smartphones Into the Classroom YouthDigital      
  • Preparing Our Union for Janus

    This weekend, teacher union presidents from across Long Island met to discuss a number of issues that face our unions, including the upcoming court case , Janus vs . AFSCME. This case would allow some of our co-workers to free ride within the union, getting the benefits of our collectively...
  • Bay Shore Wins $250 Scholarship

    At the recent Long Island President's Council meeting, Bay Shore's very own Mike Krieger along with Freeport Teachers Association President Stu Napear, who is also a Bay Shore resident, won from Brown and Brown a $250 scholarship award. This scholarship will be distributed later this year to a...
  • Creating a 21st Century Classroom

    01.30.2018/General News
    Creating the 21st Century Classroom: Embedding Computer Science into the Curriculum: Click here to register for the class.